Dental Veneers: An Effective Solution To Get A Bright Smile.

Cosmetic or Veneer teeth are thin porcelain or plastic molds that are glued to your existing teeth. They are meant to speedily and painlessly correct imperfections in your teeth.


However, possessing them usually requires the dentist to extract parts of your existing teeth to make them fit correctly. What this suggests is most of the time there's no going behind. In other words, before receiving veneers, make sure they're the correct choice and not a quick-fix decision.


Because you don't want to rush into a judgment to get veneers and since they're typically a firm decision, you need to learn that there is no replacement for natural teeth. Natural teeth are the ones best equipped to do the things they need to do.


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You may want to consider cosmetic veneers when you have:


  • chipped or cracked teeth,
  • crooked teeth,
  • large spaces between teeth,
  • irregularly sized teeth.


If you experience any of these situations, then veneers may be the best option for you.


It's important to keep in mind that veneer teeth can often be the quick fix for issues that can be corrected using orthodontic treatments on your natural teeth. Braces and retainers usually serve well, but their treatment times range from 1-2 years versus Cosmetic Dentistry Near Me that can be completed in two visits within a week.




The direct veneer procedure usually is begun and completed in a single visit to a cheap dentist near me. The material utilized is normally a composite resin. There are no lab fees involved and although the final outcome is quite satisfactory, the quality and appearance will not be as good as the indirect veneers that are custom-made at a dental laboratory.


The indirect procedure involves the preparation of the teeth, an impression of the prepared teeth, and the placement of temporary veneers to protect the prepared teeth until the next dental office visit.


During the next visit, the dentist near me will remove the temporary veneers and place the permanent veneers to make sure they fit accurately. Once this step is finished and has your permission, the dentist will implement a mild acid liquid on the residual enamel surface of the tooth. This procedure is called the etching of the tooth. Following this etching procedure, the dentist will apply a bonding agent which is then accompanied by the use of very bright light for curing the initial bond between the tooth and the veneer.


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Then, all excess bonding material will be removed. After that light-curing procedure followed with a final polishing of the veneer to complete the process. The results are absolutely remarkable.


Veneers cost:


Veneers cost in New York City begins at $1,300 per tooth. If veneers are performed as a cosmetic treatment, dental insurance may not include the coverage of veneer treatment. If you need dental veneers to improve teeth from existing dental caries dental insurance may grant coverage for the treatment.


Veneers will have your teeth looking beautiful. But they won't exactly be your teeth. What this means is it's best to try all other options first before thinking about cosmetic veneers.



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